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Products and Services

  • Metal fabrication in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of high-end architectural interiors and exteriors.
  • Security solutions for business and home owners.
  • Structural Steel for renovations and new construction.
  • Design and Construction of glass and metal building systems.
  • Welding and heavy equipment repairs.
  • Product development and prototyping.
  • Laser cutting, burning, shearing, and forming.
  • Sandblasting, powder coating, galvanizing, and finishing.

Specializing In

  • Design and construction of custom staircases and handrails in steel, aluminum, glass, cable, and wood.
  • Commercial awnings for pedestrian shelter and to improve street presence.
  • Covered structures for entries and patios.
  • Store security incorporating and promoting company branding.
  • Ornamental iron gates, fences and railings; beautiful, strong, and secure.
  • Installation of specialty glass hardware.
  • Furnishings.
  • Prefab building assemblies.
  • Structural steel design, fabrication, and installation.

What to Expect

  • Free no-obligation design consultation and estimate to establish project goals and showcase the Xtreme EffeX advantage.
  • Interactive design review process with customer using advanced 2d and 3d architectural rendering software; to streamline the communication of ideas in order to efficiently bring concept into reality.
  • The use of advanced machining technologies to bring you limitless custom design possibilities.
  • Quality of craftsmanship for lasting designs.
  • Confidence through experience and knowledge.

Xtreme EffeX 'Custom Design & Fabrication' has evolved into a thriving business from the inspired vision of its founder Ryan Ramsdale.  Since 2007, our mission remains simple; to maintain a recognizable standard of precision and ingenuity, with a devotion to client satisfaction. 


By choosing to customize,
rather than compromise,
you will obtain the exact:
size, shape, color, look and feel
that you are trying to achieve.
"Because Custom FITS."

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